Uhm, window shopping?

I'm doing far too much work thinking, so I needed to indulge in some lovely distraction. I guess it's still window shopping. . . just not window in the conventional sense. . .

Here are some items I'm loving for fall, all of which are laughably out of my price range, and will thus serve as fine templates for thrift store adventures:

Philip Lim's belted houndstooth pencil skirt, and I'm such a geek for turtlenecks:

The deep purple is lovely for fall, yes?

I've pined after a Burberry rain coat for some time now; this is one staple in which I am actually entertaining the idea of investing. I love the oversize quality of the collar and buttons, adds some whimsy and youth:

Michael Kors' wool pieces always have me at hello. They're always so classic. I found a fantastic plaid burnt orange/camel/brown pencil skirt last year at the thrift store and it is still in great shape. I think the wool pieces work especially well for the classroom in winter. This simple, chic belted wool dress + a fun pair of tights + ankle booties = fabulous:

I need to find one or two oversized cardigans for the season. I'm also in the market for a pair of slim pants for work, or some other appealing, functional alternative to the wide-leg trouser. Suggestions?

That's all my poor eyes can take for today! What items are on your must-have list for fall?

pics eluxury.com and net-a-porter.com

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