Thanks to Give

I'm thankful for. . .

-Family that loves me and takes me for who I am

-Friends, new and old, near and far, that sustain me through laughter, happiness, and memories

-My dog, who tries so hard to not get mad at me when we skip a walk

-A position in a profession that inspires me and pushes me to grow personally and professionally

-A warm house with a kitchen full of home-grown vegetables and a fridge full of home-cooked meals

-Health and well-being; intellectual capacity and empathy

-Experiences of all sorts that have brought with them life lessons that I do and will carry with me always

To those who read my thoughts and share your thoughts, thank you for your support and a sense of genuine community. Let's all offer our own thanks today, and remember those who suffer, go without, hunger, shiver--those who are lonely, sad, living in poverty. Let's be thankful for our blessings and know that there but by the grace of God go. . . us. Warm wishes for a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving, all!

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