Awwwwwwwwwww Yeah

Two words: snow.day.

One more: happiness.

Okay, four more: slept.till.ten.o'clock.


Mary Lee said...

Here are my three:




Anonymous said...

Nothing Like it huh ? I just picked up Blackwater by Cahill with you in mind and read Utne Reader in the Border's store. Did you get the one about the guy in Senegal with the boil ? How was that remarkable or beyond the scope of either of us ? Time to get paid for writing is my warcry !!! Peace.

teach people not books said...

I read the Jan/Feb issue with O man on the front, with the "Sexing Up the Religious Right" article which was great. You are going to love the book. I'm hoping for a delay tomorrow! It's still snowing here. Started before I woke up. That's not saying too much since I'm lazy and get up way too late.