Trivial Pursuit Redux

I promise the constant barrage of consumerism is coming to a screeching halt soon (alas, an income tax return only lasts for so long).

Here's the depressingly tiny image of my spring handbag. It's the most beautiful shade of blue:

And here is a larger photo of the bag in black:

For some reason blogger is giving me an issue with uploading a gif. Guess who doesn't know how to fix it?

Blue is a pretty uncharacteristic color for me to choose, but I have an obscene number of black handbags and I figured the blue would be adorable with my new spring jacket and flats (neither of which are yet in my possession). Needless to say, this was not a "will this fit in with my work clothes?" purchase, as most of my work clothes are black. I've stopped asking myself that question, thankfully.

So, the ridiculous thing about this bag is I scooped it up for less than half (about 60% off, to be sort of exact) of what it is selling for right this second on the kooba website. Fashion is so very ludicrous sometimes. Thank goodness for Gilt Groupe. Now don't rain on my parade and tell me some horror story about how Gilt manages to work this voodoo. And don't tell me I'm insane--I'm an equal-opportunity style hunter when it comes to clothes and shoes, but when it comes to bags I have a serious affliction. We all have our vices.

Images Gilt Groupe and kooba.

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