Kid, You'll Move Mountains

As anticipated, I bordered on weeping through two readings of Oh, the Places You'll Go today (Students' conversation regarding this: "Ms [Me], are you really crying?" "Shut up, Matt. Girls are emotional.") As I chose the worst timing in the afternoon (i.e., right after an "I'm so disappointed in you guys" speech because someone broke my brand new Method spray bottle and left it for dead yesterday), I wasn't feeling too sentimental so I made it through without much pomp and circumstance. I'm saving all my high school advice for Thursday, when I'll really have them in class for the last time.

I wrote each of my students a good-bye note on the back of the class pictures we took in January. I tried hard to recall something special about each of them. Some notes are longer than others, but that's the nature of human interactions, no? By the way, before you start assuming I'm trying to be some kind of martyr, it's much easier to write 65 notes as compared to my colleagues' 130 students a day. The block schedule affords these perks and I can't say I'd be willing to write if I had double the amount of kids.

Well, this is it. Today was our last full day. Thursday is graduation. Friday is our last day of the year. I leave for California Saturday morning.

There's so much to process that I can't even begin yet. For now, I'll say that I'm wondering who I'll be next year, without the 65 kids who changed my life. There's only one way to find out. . .

The most beautiful word in the English language to me right now? Unencumbered.


Mrs. V said...

Do you get to stay in California most of the summer? I am glad that you had such a positive first year experience. A couple of weekends ago I got to go back to the school I taught my first year to see my freshman graduate. It was so much fun.

Anonymous said...

Ok did I miss the K. summer syllabus or something ? Is this relocate or a visit ? I am still in the salt mine til 6.26 arrrgh, but we are starting 9/9

teach people not books said...

hi guys! i'm visiting california just for a week. my brother and his wife and their son (and their unborn baby boy!) live there. we will be doing a couple days in yosemite and one night in the foothills, angels camp. and, of course, san francisco--a.k.a. my favorite place on earth--is on the agenda. we'll hit the deyoung moma and cobb's comedy club<-- a regular favorite. it will be the ultimate way to end the year.

v--what a great experience to see your first students graduate. it is truly a special thing.

r/m--the 26th?! man! we're starting the same day as you i think and we're done tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time. NY State likes to wring every last meaningless synapse out of us all, kids included. Is City Lights Book Store on the travel map ?

Ms. X said...

Happy last day of our first year!