Purpose BTW

She who shall not be named said it best:

My friend and I have decided to start blogs about our new-teacher experiences because we've noticed a void on the internet where new-teacher blogs should be. So we're filling the void. We've decided to start writing now as opposed to in September, because maybe we'll stumble upon some kind of profound transformation process if we eventually look back at posts written by our pre-teacher selves. Also, we just graduated college and don't really know what to do with all this free time.


AMY S. said...

what grade are you teaching? how big is your school? have you woken up in a cold sweat from any first day nightmares yet?

teach people not books said...

hi :]

i'll be teaching 8th grade l.a.
my school is a lovely 600 students (smaller than regular in my area), and i will have 3 90-minute blocks daily, with the same students. i'm so excited about all of the possibilities this time fram will afford!

no first day nightmares yet, thankfully! i did have one rather pleasant dream about me in my own classroom, with my own students, and it was so calm and happy!

thanks for checkin out the blog... it will take a major turn towards all things teacher-related soon enough, so i'm trying to keep it kinda random for now.

Staci Schroeder Caldwell said...

The first day nightmares are not the worst part. The worst part is once you get to know most of the names and faces you'll dream of them for several weeks. It seems like you can never get away from school. I love my students, but I hate that time of year when I see them in my sleep. Do you know what you'll assign as reading this next year? Way to be brave and teach middle school.

teach people not books said...

hi staci,

i've worked with kids in an after-school setting for many years, so i totally understand what you mean when you say it's like you can't escape them--even in dreams.

truthfully, i'm a reading/writing workshop girl at heart, but the school at which i'll be teaching has a literature textbook for 8th grade. they also read some novels--the regulars: the outsiders, tkam, etc...

besides this, because i have 90-minute blocks, i plan on making independent reading a major part of my classroom. i am working on building my classroom library-begging, borrowing... not stealing. but i did "forget" to return some children's books to the school where i used to work :]