You knew it was coming

So, I've been thoughtfully weighing my options for my first major bag purchase. Depending on the price range, I will either be saving for a couple months or making a purchase towards the end of September. It's sort of a funny time of year to be shopping, as the s/s stock is going on sale and the a/w items are sort of just making their way in. I'm looking for something that is equal parts functional and chic. The amount of plain old stuff, aside from teacher stuff, that I carry is immense, so this bag must be able to fit all sorts of unneccesary cargo without becoming misshapen. I'm kind of lost on color right now. Obviously, if this is a bag I'm going to be carrying most of the time, a neutral will have to happen. I think I have enough black to hold me over, so I will probably be aiming for something in the bone-tan-camel-brown spectrum (there are lots more fancy color words that would work better here, I'm sure). I'm also open to greys.

A few notes:

1. I am entertaining the idea of purchasing from Barney's Coop, as they have just given the go-ahead for their workers to unionize.

2. I was initially very taken by the Sissi Rossi bags I was eyeing last autumn. I love the idea of choosing a brand with which most of the general public is not terribly familiar. The colors were spectacular and the shape of the bags seemed perfect for me. Unfortunately, the bags available right now have lost something that caught my eye last year. While I still appreciate the shape, the designs are much less interesting and more run-of-the-mill.

pic barneys.com

The knots are really not my thing. The color pallet wouldn't really work with my complexion--this and the blue seem like colors that would totally wash me out. Of course the fall items have not yet become available, so I might wait this one out.

3. I lurrrrve the idea of going the Miu Miu route; the bags included in the a/w rtw were an interesting intersection of professional chic and Miu Miu wacky playfulness. Professional, wacky, playful. . . I like where this combo is going. I think what I've come to love so much about the Miu Miu division is the lack of taking oneself too seriously (I mean, jockey outfits? diver suits?). The color scheme seems accessible. I can see where this might be a really versatile bag for work & play:

pic style.com

4. Lanvin. O Lanvin. How you tempt me. Right now, it's the Pise Sac, though blue cracked patent is not by any stretch of the imagination justifiable to my everyday wardrobe. Otherwise, the Kentucky is, of course, laughably large for my vertically challenged self, despite my regular indulgence in bags entirely too consuming for my frame. However, a Kansas. . .


pic barneys.com

5. Three very simple initials: YSL. I'm not so sure I'm ready to put in this kind of savings right now. I mean, I should be saving for. . . say, a future mortgage, right? But I mean, come on. Can a bad day even be a possibility once you're waking up to this baby (from the Fall collection)? I would happily stare down the most overwhelming month of lesson plans (which happens to be March, of course, unless we are granted an uncommonly early Easter) with this in my sight:


6. Gryson, wayyy before the Target collab, has been a fav. Everything about Joy Gryson's designs seems to appeal to my lifestyle. The bags work for young things, as I fancy myself, but completely avoid being trendy and remain something I will be using 5/10 yrs down the road. I can't wait to see the fall stock. How much do you love this?:


7. Givenchy=love. Behold:

photo barneys.com

So there you have it. My considerations for the moment, poised to change on a whim. Please feel free to tell my why my maybes should or should not remain so. And by all means, bring on the suggestions.


KD said...

I think that the Gryson and the Givenchy are the two best options, but before proceeding you MUST register at ideeli.com for discounts!! Please register! They may not have exactly what you are looking for but if they do, you will thank your lucky stars!

Belle said...

gryson would probably fit your lifestyle best. YSL Muse IS one of THE greatest bags out there, but I'm pretty sure you should go for the Gryson if only the lifestyle choice and the color. Plus, if it's more than a mortage payment, you'd faint at the register. I've seen it happen. o_o

Queen Michelle said...

Have you considered a Marni balloon bag? I think it has the quirkiness you like combined with being a very good size, plus it has 2 carry options and comes in nice colours.
I hope this will be my next purchase when I go to London in September.

teach people not books said...

a fine suggestion. i do love marni. i had been looking for marni handbags on the usual sites i drool over, but hadn't found a selection. it's beyond me why i hadn't thought to just simply check their site directly...

teach people not books said...

ahh and the grey is to die for...


Staci Schroeder Caldwell said...

I like the Lanvin. It is that blue you fear that makes it work. It won't match anything, which makes it GO with everything. Also, have you seen BagBorroworSteal.com? it's a bag leasing site. I'm not a member (though I would love it) but it's a great place to keep up on lots of great bags. They update frequently and it's all on one site.

teach people not books said...

staci, you make an interesting point about the blue. i'm going to think on that.

i have sean begborrowsteal.com, but i think i'm going to go ahead and treat myself for the hard work i put in to school & securing this first position. since i'm living at home for at least a year, i'll be saving but won't have any serious, pressing financial concerns. thus, a little room for indulgence at least for this one thing!

Ms. X said...

i looooove the blue patent one!! if your bag is a color, it goes with any outfit whether you're wearing black-ish or brown-ish...whereas i think a brown bag with black shoes or a black bag with brown shoes doesn't work as well. you know?

i love the miu miu too, and it has a zipper!! the black/brown combo also solves the "matchy matchy" problem.

am i being too practical?

teach people not books said...

no not too practical at all! that's actually one of the reasons i like the miu miu too... black & brown and really kinda fun. too bad it's not available for purchase yet. not that i have the money, yet :|

teach people not books said...

no not too practical at all! that's actually one of the reasons i like the miu miu too... black & brown and really kinda fun. too bad it's not available for purchase yet. not that i have the money, yet :|

Meg said...

The YSL is perfection, and I agree with Belle that the Muse is one of the nicest bags out there. It's also so big and roomy for all the crap that people carry around ( myself included!) =)