Calling All English/IRLA Teachers

I have a photocopied short story entitled "The Green Killer," characters names are Blaze and Alan. I don't know the name of the author because this resource came from another teacher a while ago.

Anyone know who wrote this? I've googled to no avail.


enc said...

I can't help you, sorry!

(I wanted to comment so you'd know I'm reading.)

Anonymous said...

Hey I will summon my condierable research resources (one really smart Fredonia grad who teaches ELA down the hall from me...! and see if she knows) thanks for the blog addition I would like to reciprocate if that's ok, it'll be easier than looking up your comment and hyperclicking it every time !!! Peace.

teach people not books said...

thanks for the note, enc :]

justice-would appreciate that. ela is that like esl? sorry i didn't even think to ask about adding you to the blogroll... i'm never sure of blog etiquette!

Anonymous said...

me either -- they call it Eng Language Arts for some unknown reason