Drinking the Vista Print Kool-Aid

You probably all already knew about Vista Print and how much free stuff they give away. Well, I didn't. So, today I ordered myself a ton of goodies for the classroom.

My free stuff:

-"From the desk of..." notepad, cherry blossom motif

-"[Ms. Me]'s Classroom" window decal for my classroom door, cherry blossom motif

-Business cards that I made into Happy Birthday homework passes (hat tip to this link via Mind the Teacher)

-"A note from..." post-its, not cherry blossom motif :[ but a cute tulip motif instead

-A lovely "Please return to the library of..." rubber stamp

-Some holiday cards for personal use

All of this was free with s/h, but that only came to a measly $10.90--almost as much as a regular rubber stamp on its own.

So go! Get free stuff! Unless you already have. In that case, do what I'm going to do--go back and use your family's addresses (and their emails) and get some more free stuff!


enc said...

Cool! Teachers need all the free stuff they can get.

Anonymous said...

Did you get the 25% off coupon with your shipment for your next order? Be sure to look for it if you haven't rec'd it yet. :)

Anonymous said...

You're killing me, GB Shaw said young soldiers carry bullets in their ammunition boxes old soldiers carry choicolate. Got any websites giving away free Mars Bars ? I will pass this on to some friends at work and they will tell me I know you think I'm a nerd fo rbuying this and I'll say yeah but you're a good teacher nerd and I'm half assed so it's all good