Random Acts of Music

Wind & Wuthering is one of my most favorite albums ever.


Mary Lee said...

Looking forward to more of these random acts! (Is that redundant?)

enc said...

I can't believe I'm the age I am and I hadn't heard this yet. Thanks!

teach people not books said...

mary lee--there are a couple more if you look for them under "for art's sake." yeah, the only thing is it's kind of a way to do a slacker post. i've been so busy and distracted lately! this is my lowest month of posting yet.

enc--you are most welcome! genesis is one major part of the bedrock of my musical interests. check out some stuff from the peter gabriel years--lamb lies down on broadway for sure if you haven't heard it. the phil collins prog rock stuff is great but then it sorta goes 80s. which is fine, but i prefer the prog rock.