While I Procrastinate, or, One Little Word

My students' Short Story writing unit is kicking into full swing when we get back, and I've all but finished writing the last day of next week's plans, so a little distraction never hurt.

I learned about One Little Word from the lovely ladies over at Two Writing Teachers. Distilled, the idea is to choose just one little word instead of creating a hefty and most likely too-ambitious tome of resolutions for the new year. Well, I've been thinking hard about what my little word will be. Many changes have come in this last year. More than change, though, I've transitioned from a college student chomping at the bit to get into the field to an exhausted first-year teacher who can't find much else that matches the feeling of creating good lessons that help my students grow as readers, writers and critical citizens. I've learned that in addition to maturing professionally, I'm maturing personally in ways I hadn't expected nor foresaw. I'm seeing with greater clarity the blessings that exist in my life. My one little word, a long time coming, is:


It's not the prettiest word. Nor the most profound. But it's a place that I want--and need--to visit more often. I'm discovering how good it feels to be grateful--how it can lift me out of a gray mood or reroute my thoughts when I start feeling sorry for myself. Yes, as I change and grow and learn my way through 2009, I will try to remember to be at all times grateful for a whole host of people, factors and circumstances that contribute to my well-being and the well-being of those I love.

What will your One Little Word be? Think on it.

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Anonymous said...

Well chosen. The 12 steppers are huge on the concept and even have an horriffic little rhyme that goes along with it : attitude of gratitude, Arrrrgh. I don't go much for the extemporaneous 12 step jargon myself but the notion of being aware of what you have and appreciating it is good for us all. I like the idea of wanting what I have instead of having what i want, it's got a little watered down Buddhism in there somewhere but it works.