The Five Most Glorious Words, or, Shameless Self-Promotion

Most glorious:

"Recommendation: Grant contract with increment."

Some others?

"We think you hit one out of the park this year."

Also, "I can't remember ever giving a first-year teacher this many 'accomplished' marks."

It's been a good day. And after watching one of my colleagues and friends reduced to tears today as there is no position for her next year, I'm counting my blessings.


Mrs. V said...

Wow - congratulations! I can tell from your posts that you are a very thoughtful, mindful teacher and that you work very hard. I am glad that you are appreciated and your students are lucky to have you!

Mary Lee said...


teach people not books said...

mrs. v--appreciation is exactly what i'm so happy about. it's so nice to be appreciated. thanks for your kind words today and always :]

mary lee-huzzah indeed!