Teaching is an exhausting business--it's easy to work up an appetite fast. And it's easy to eat crappy (read: stupidly delicious) cafeteria food (such as pizza bagels--score!), but I feel so much happier (ok, so much less guilty) when I pack myself a yummy lunch. I have a couple guidelines that I like to follow in general; chief among them is that I consume two beverages: coffee, water. Ok, and red wine on the weekends (and on Red Wine Thursday, or RWT). That's it. High fructose corn syrup is the devil, so don't let multinational corporations tell you otherwise. You wait and see--but don't say I didn't warn you when we end up with a generation full of young people with fatty livers.

Anyhow, speaking of multinational corporations, here are some new (and old) favorite foodstuffs (should that be pluralized?):

Smooze Fruit Ice is so yummy. I like the mango/coconut milk ones. Seventy calories and 40% daily Vitamin C, yes please! And my fat dog likes it, too.

Morningstar Farms Southwestern Style Veggie Cakes are ridiculous and are lunch like 3x a week. Tons of fiber, tons of protein = me not wanting to fall asleep as my kids are walking in the door 7th period. I like to have one with sharp provolone in a wheat wrap. Avocado is always a plus.

I discovered Piave Vecchio two years ago in Sonoma--it's sorta like a mix between a sharp Asiago and bleu in some spots. Here's a fancy wiki on it. It has much fancier descriptions than my immature palette could provide. Oh, and I do sorta, kinda, half-way know Italian after 4 years in high school (and, um, being Italian), so yes, I certainly know that while vecchio sounds fancy it just means old.

Ok, ok, Tempranillo and I have been acquainted for some time, the Red Guitar rendition is a favorite, but a couple months ago I discovered the Campo Viejo. Bliss.

What are you enjoying these days?


Ms. X said...

Besty & I have achieved the perfect communist lunch system. I bring a whole-wheat, organic, no-added-sugar PB&J cut in half, she brings in a bag of carrots and two Laughing Cow cheese triangles, and we share. Throw in two bananas and the perfect balance of salty, sweet, protein, carbs, produce, fiber, and deliciousness gets me through the day, plus we save each other from horrible late-night binges because if I have cheese in my house, I eat it all in one sitting, and if she has peanut butter in her house, she eats the whole jar with a spoon.

teach people not books said...

that sounds like a great system :]

i use the santa cruz organic pb, what are you using? i do pb every day for breakfast, but sometimes i kinda want it for lunch, too!

me and carrots. . . i try so hard to like them raw. . . it never works.

Ms. X said...

i get my peanut butter at trader joe's...it's a hike, but going once a month to stock up on frozen stuff and other non-perishables is totally worth it. rumor has it there's one coming to our area!!!

also, speaking of frozen stuff and good food i'm eating lately, whole foods' salmon burgers are the shit. i don't even like salmon, and i've been eating them every day for dinner.

teach people not books said...

i love trader joe's, but haven't been to any except in california. let me know next time you are going, i'd like to make the trip.

i like the 365 brand--i gave up on my search for local organic coffee and just drink the organic 365. it's cheap and so strong and good.