Decisions, Decisions

I need to decide which magazines I want to subscribe to come that first paycheck. I feel like subscriptions are like a little present to oneself once a month. De


1. Vanity Fair - Love it. Always a great combo of style + journalism, not necessarily just fashion journalism.

2. The New Yorker - Witty, makes me feel smug and smart when I read it, I'll admit it.

3. W - A favorite fashion mag.

4. Real Simple - I might wait on this one until I actually have my own space and am not living at home w/ Dad (yeah, I live at home w/ Dad, btw. This guarantees my ability to save boatloads of money.)

What are your opinions? Other options you think I should consider?


Anonymous said...

Real Simple is my favorite magazine. It's full of a lot of self-help ideas- organization, relaxation, cooking, etc.


Anonymous said...

How about Mother Jones, Harper's, Utne Reader, Poets and Writers, The Economist ? sorry I just felt I had to muddy the waters a little more for you.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention vsanity fair reports Cindy Mccain's getup for night one of the RNC was valued at $300,000 -- tells us agin about the working folks Cindy.

enc said...

I vote for W and the NY'er. They're a good combo-effect for VF, and you get a lot more fashion.

How is it living with Dad?

teach people not books said...

thanks all for the ideas

r/m-please keep muddying! i need more options and these sound like great ones.

enc--living with dad is great. it's easy, i come&go as i please, we share most of the household duties (which are done sparingly, though begrudgingly often enough, i must admit), and we share responsibility for our two dogs. one is my dog and then we have my sister's dog, who couldn't possibly bear to be away from my father though my sister is married and in her own home now. basically, a lot of cspan, fresh vegetables from the garden and meat... lots of grilled meat. what's with dads and grilling meat? it's like their other profession.

teach people not books said...

^^oh, and rent is wonderfully cheap. yeah.

Mary Lee said...

I second Utne Reader.