It's Been a Good Ride, Bacon

But we're done. Yesterday I officially said goodbye to eating pig meat (that's an odd way of putting it, isn't it?). . . not an earth-shatteringly momentous occasion, but one worthy of mention nonetheless. I just kept picturing my puppy boy being strung up the way it goes. . . oh, the details are far too heinous to rehash. Read up yourself and then tell me you can still honestly eat that ham sandwich and pretend you don't know.

I swear it's not me to go the whole PETA route. At all. Or the whole ohhhhh I'm an awesome karmic citizen of the planet and fellow peaceful inhabitant of this earth route, either. Just a they do what? route. I think it's more of a disgust with the regulation (or lack thereof) of the slaughterhouse industry and the failings and corruption of the FDA and USDA than it is with anything else. Because, you know, the government doesn't really care so much about what you put into your body (unless heavenforbid it's a joint or some other unsanctioned--I won't dare say unprescribed--illicit drug that keeps the money rolling into the "War On Drugs") nor what they put into children's bodies via what passes as an excuse for a "school lunch," so long as the lobbyists keep them on the dole. I mean, Christ, I have to make sure my organic products are certified by a second party already. WOW what a disgustingly bourgeois thing to say. I'm just not supporting that machine anymore. . . at least as far as pork goes. One day at a time, people! One day at a time.

Edited to include: I sort of want to cry that I had to look up how to spell bourgeois. Two years ago I could have spelled it for you--backwards--on even the most compromising of evenings. OH HOW I MISS ACADEME.


enc said...

Congratulations on taking a stand. I applaud your effort.

I also applaud your willingness to look up a word you're unsure of. Many people wouldn't.

I studied French for decades and still had to look words up—in the midst of my studies. And I am a great speller.

As for bacon, I said buh-bye to it in '85, along with all the other meat, and I've never looked back.

I still eat fish occasionally, but may give that up entirely.

Anonymous said...

I am powerless over pigs and my menu has become unmanageable...

Charley said...

Hey, good for you. That's an admirable decision to make.

teach people not books said...

enc--if only i could get my students to care that much about whether or not they've the right spelling! that's amazing--'85? i was one. :] are you lacto/ovo?

r/m--haaa step 1. i had to resist a hot dog the other night. i think i need a sponsor.

charley--thanks for your encouragement!