I <3 Lunch

I <3 lunch. I <3 the classics, sometimes with a twist. My favorites include PB & local honey on 10grain; tuna + mayo + dried cranberries + crackers; lettuce from our garden + nuts + fruit + cheese; guac + tortilla chips.

So I <3 lunch and I needed a lunch bag. A real one. I needed one because:

1. I'm tired of wasting brown paper bags despite their brown paper bagginess and crinkly charm


2. Tupperware doesn't fit into brown paper bags without ripping the bags.

And, ok, 3. everyone has a cute little lunch bag to carry their lunches and I wanted one too! Don't worry, I'm not going to fall down the bad egg chute.

They might all have one, but I'm smug when I say that you won't ever catch me carrying a Vera Bradley anything. Bllllllllech. It's like the international sign of either a) I'm a teacher or going to college to be one or of b) I'm a rich white 12 year old. I just don't personally understand the appeal. Sorry if I've offended. On second thought, I'm not sorry. Throw your Vera Bradley away and spend your money on something that actually manages to be more exciting than a trip to the dentist.

So I decided to go to Whole Foods today in search of something. . . uhm. . . err. . . Whole-Foods-y. But they were all out. And I was tired. It was looking like ordering online was my best option. While Built NY lunch bags are cute and super functional I'm sure, I just am not "sporty." And somehow they come off as super "sporty." And yes, my lunch bag is going to be a reflection of myself. What a good little consumer I am--hook line and sinker, huh?

Next stop, Etsy. Kind of a fail safe, wouldn't you agree? I ended up with, count'em, two lunch bags because I couldn't decide. But there were so many adorable ones that I thought I'd share.

From Etsy sellers:

goshdarnknit's neoprene options are adorable

point of light:

and roxy's tattoo:

If I were a Francophile, which I am not, or desired to be a poseur, which I do not, I would totally scoop up these and every single item from Paris Chic Botique:

Morganmoore's oilcloth options were major contenders, esp. this rather teacherly number:

Here's a different take on lunch transportation from Shinzi Khatoh UK, from which I purchased an adorable canvas carryall a few months ago--behold his take on the lunchbox/bento box:

I probably would have gone the Shinzi Khato route if a) I could fit a piece of fruit in the double lunchbox (doubtful) and b) the price wasn't in Euros :\ I just can't bring myself to spend $40 on a piece of plastic.

So, after plenty of unnecessary and satisfyingly distracting deliberation, I purchased:

this sweet little cotton canvas green apple lunch bag from madebymolly

aaaand. . .

this simple organic cotton one from EcoWorks.

I'm happy with my purchases and--perhaps as importantly--have satiated my craving for a little online shopping fix by buying something I actually needed. Sort of. I'm just too exhausted this weekend to spend time hunting things down in stores. And who doesn't love supporting small businesses and independent craftspeople (o the excuses)?


Mrs. V said...

CUTE! I can see how it was hard to choose one over the other! I was bringing my own lunch to school, but then there was a change of plans and we help supervise in the lunch room with kids. I got into the habit of just eating in the cafeteria with them so that I can have a little bit of prep time after. I definately need to start packing my own lunch instead though, so I will be looking for a lunch bag too. Thanks for showing so many ideas!

enc said...

I loved all of those choices, but yours were best! Nice one!

Meg said...

I love the cloth lunch bag with the apple. So appropriate.
I'm the sort of person who'd buy a lunchbag and use it for something else. Which is why I'm also always the person with squished sandwiches at the bottom of my bag.

teach people not books said...

v-yeah i just can't bring myself to eat the school food. if i had any energy this year i would definitely invest some time in trying to reform the school's approach to lunch program. it's bad.

enc-thanks :] i just love buying from etsy.

meg-this is what always happens to me when i buy canvas bags for groceries. everything else in the world ends up in them--including lunch. never groceries.