Me & Anthropologie Have a Dangerous Relationship

It's love hate. Meaning, I love the clothes and my credit card hates me. And you know what? I've got a real job. I can actually pay the credit card bill off in its entirety if I so choose. Wow, what a feeling.

I actually didn't realize I was reading the Anthro catalogue the other day, and started muttering to myself, "Wow, Urban has really gone up. But I love the direction they're going in. . ."

Here are a couple highlights of today's trip:

The military-inspired "Strategy and Tactics" coat is the perfect size for my little 5'2 frame. Sometimes I love the silhouette of a coat but try it on only to realize that the fullness completely envelopes my body. This one was just full enough to impart an interesting shape. Hooray! I can't wait to wear it. Sorry for the teeeeny pic, go here for a closer look.

Alas, I've found a cardigan that's versatile enough without being bland. The softness of the pima modal makes this "Library Nook" cardigan a major contender for 24-7 wear. I went with the grey, although the purple was delicious.

Who doesn't love polka-dot tights? And in a super thick merino wool? Bring on winter. Bring. It. On. It's hard to tell, but these are actually a dark grey. Again, I went with the grey over the brown w/ orchid spots and over the navy/white.

So now that I've scratched the Anthro itch, it's back to Target and the thrift stores for me.


enc said...

You got some great classics you'll be wearing a long time. Nice picks. I especially love the tights, what a sense of humor they/you have.

teach people not books said...

thanks! i just took out all of my purchases last night to realize that, after all, that they didn't put the tights in the bag :[ i called and they said to just come on back in w/ my receipt and they would give me another pair. that's what i call keeping the customer happy!

yeah i have to keep it fun with the tights, a little quirkiness here and there is always a good thing.

SSCaldwell said...

I understand.