Birthday Boot

Guess who's going to be 24 verrrry soon? Me.

Guess who needs some fun new boots? Me.

Guess who picks out her bday presents for everyone else to buy? Yup. Me again. I leave nothing to the imagination when it comes to gift buying.

The question of color is an important one today. Black will absolutely be the most versatile. But who can resist the browns? The question of height is also paramount. I really want to try out a knee-high boot, but I'm 5'2, so a heel is most probable at this point. However, I'm really drawn to the flats. I'm just not sure they'll do me any favors, especially the knee-length ones.

I also am NOT buying school-wearables. I'm SICK of buying things for work. These will be only for out-of-school me. Besides Fridays, perhaps.

Here are the options as of today . . .

Michael Kors. The black is very appealing also.

Urban Outfitters. Again, hesitant to try the flats. But a good option if I choose to.

All from Aldo. The top only comes in black. The middle in various. I think I'm gravitating towards the last pair. The color is "ice." I'm assuming that means something greyish, but the pic is ambiguous. It could go that way or more towards the taupe side of things. Both would work well.

Oh, and these are sort of awesome if completely impractical . . .

Go here to look at the back. I'm no mathematician, but I'm pretty sure that the back multiplies the awesomeness by at least 10. Wish I could just paste the image. Silly Adobe. The bane of my image-copying existence.

Send any suggestions my way.


enc said...

Wow, there are a lot of brilliant boots there. I like the "ice" ones; it's surprising how many things that color looks good with.

Oh, the grammar in that sentence. Forgive me, please.

There are a lot of boots in your wishlist that "could" go to school, you know!

I can't believe you're only 23. Wowee.

Happy Birthday in advance, otl.

teach people not books said...

ahh so i got a lovely pair from nine west on sale after all. they are black suede and have a 3-inch-ish heel and are scrunchy and slouchy. perfection. can't find a pic because i got them at the outlet--they are prob from last year.

i also am going to buy the urban outfitters ones for just dubbin around. i saw someone wearing them and love the style.