The Moon and the Deep Blue Sea

Jimi doing "Angel"

Consider it my Poetry Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday. It was worth waiting for, no?

Ok, and "Little Wing," for good measure. This is a beautiful recording.

Did you know that when Jimi said he wanted the cover of Axis: Bold as Love to have an "Indian" theme, he meant Native American Indian, not East Asian? Yep. So he ended up with the iconic cover by mistake:


enc said...

It's a great cover no matter what! He was a special talent.

Anonymous said...

Always loved star spangled banner at woodstock recording. Something vaguely melancholic about hendrix methinks maybe just the whole premature death cloud I always feel when I listen. Marley died young too though and I rarely feel down listening to him. My boss spaced out visiting me today I think because he was so happy we are transferring a brutal kid from my class to another school where he'll be appropriately placed rather than murdered as he will be if he continues.... Peace.

teach people not books said...

enc--such a special one. i've got so many feelings and memories tied up with his music. it's painfully beautiful.

the talented mr. crowley--melancholic for sure. just some sorta sadness that hangs in the very notes, no matter who it is that's playing them. even these two songs, this wonderful, heartbreakingly sad idea of love and beauty as something that must fly on, as something that transcends. . . i'm being sappy, i know.

i'm so glad your student is being put where he needs to be. spacing out for a visit. sounds wonderful. maybe i should rethink that whole admin route after all. oh, thought about it. nope. still not even remotely interested. :]