Poetry Friday (for real!)

Yes, I did get it together enough to actually post a Poetry Friday. See that? I'm getting better at this whole thing already. Yesterday was a tough, tired, frustrating day. Working from 7:30-6ish most days finally caught up to me and I felt awfully defeated. Today, the sun was shining and I was feeling much better. A little sleep goes a long way. Ok ok ok here's the poem. . .

The God of Broken Things

by Yusef Komunyakaa

He's in a lopsided heaven at Maggie's
Junk Shop. Objects of wood, iron, ivory,
Of veneer, lead, stone, glass, flimsy
Cardboard, of tin, brass, bronze . . .

He could go on forever fixing
Cracks, fissures, dents, fractures,
Rasping & gluing together what is
Unheard-of with what can never be

Broken or hurt beneath the architecture
Of planned obsolescence. Objets d'art
& bric-a-brac mended with ratty hemp.
The secret space the butterfly

Screw opens wings inside a heart
Made to slip into a dream. He browses
Gutted appliances, & knows if toenailed
Right a murderous thing is almost new.


enc said...

Nice job with Poetry Friday.

This poem is a bit haunting and desperate. I like it.

teach people not books said...

i hear you on the desperate tip, enc. i think i like this poem so much because of the complete disregard the he has for items that are fresh and new, and for the potential the he sees in a most seemingly meaningless--at least at the market level--and hopeless object.

in an odd way, i actually sense a vein of semblance, a common theme, running through the message here and part of the intent of your clothes-buying moratorium.

Anonymous said...

Loving the use of toenailed as a transitive verb myself. That line really reminded me of my own poems which I haven't written ion eons. See ? a few weeks of school under your arm and you've even got the poetry on Friday. I find a really insane kind of humor in this poem too, a satiric swat at the mindset and myopia of this cat I think. Well done.