Hi Hater

So I've been dealing with a strange breed of adults who can only be categorized as haters. They hate. I could attempt to enumerate all the reasons why they could possibly hate on me, but that would be pointless because a hater hates no matter what the reason is. I just can't take adults acting like children. Children acting like children, that's a different story.

Of course haters come in all shapes and sizes. But it's a particular clique (yes, the dreaded teacher clique) to which I'm referring. Most teachers simply have no time to hate. These people obviously have too much time on their hands. I think I've referenced the thick as thieves group of women who spend all of 30 minutes on their plans each week--30 minutes that are, generally, comprised of deciding which handouts from the textbook to copy for the next week. Now, I have developed my ability to smile and nod with unprecedented success. But I'm tired of having to worry about who is an informant to these. . . I won't even say ladies. . . and who is not. I can't stand passive aggressiveness. I can't stand having to worry about where people's allegiances lie. So I'm giving up on worrying about it.

To epitomize how I'm feeling, here's a youtube of Kat Williams on haters. Warning, IT'S GRAPHIC. Which is partly why it's hilarious. Absolutely graphic plenty of curse words so don't watch if you don't wanna hear 'em.

It's just silly to hate on someone for wanting to do the work they do, and wanting to do it in a way that brings goodness to the lives of others, not darkness. It's just too bad.


Anonymous said...

guarantee you they're the ones in the corny teacher sweaters with ABC's and school buses and apples etc etc who are so out of touch they could read this posting and think it's about someone else.

teach people not books said...

out of touch is exactly right. and god forbid anybody be not out of touch. teacher sweaters make me cringe. big surprise. i begrudgingly bought a stupid ghost shirt for halloween. it was only 7 bucks, but it took every fiber of my being to convince myself that i need to be festive.

enc said...

People who hate/gossip/find fault/attack in a passive-aggressive way usually have a lot to be unhappy about—in their own lives.

You are so right to just kill them with kindness. Eventually, they'll just get bored and run out of steam like an old calliope.

Anonymous said...

Yeah -- loving the Halloweeners. But the belly o the beast is just around the corner - turkey pendants, horn o' plenty hoodies, followed by ight up rudolph sweaters, candy canes, frosty, it's just madness. Sorry, I love your take that not being out of touch is treasonous, so true in some very small circles. I loved the guy in the video when he was in Norbitt whcih I watched on a bootleg brought in by a student who bought it from crackheads in front of the corner store in her neighborhood !!! Don't sweat them K they'l be picking out retirement homes and second or third husbands before you know it.

Mrs. V said...

I'll have to watch the video later because my 5 year old is in the room:). The teachers you are talking about remind me of the teachers in Freedom Writers. Have you read the book/seen the movie?